Dear Lord,
Please help our youth as they learn and grow. Please grant them an eternal perspective that helps them to see beyond the here and now. Please help foster this worldview and use us, the adults of Indian Woods,  along with the  parents, other family and friends to plant the right seeds — seeds that will grow and flourish throughout their lives. Please grant them the wisdom to know right from wrong and to discern what Your divine will is for their lives. And, if and when they fall, please grant us the peace and wisdom to help them get back up.
Protect those who are here in our presence, those who are away at colleges or universities, military, or in the workforce.
Thank you for the blessing of our youth, Lord. In the name of your son Jesus I pray, Amen.
US Air Force Technical Sergeant, Joseph W. Thompson and his father, Retired USAF  Master Sergeant Joseph L. Thompson.   
Technical Sergeant is currently deployed to Qatar in the Persian Gulf for 6 months.  Prayers are requested for his safety while deployed and for his safe return.

Our College Students

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