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Indian Woods Missionary

Baptist Church

2330 Indian Woods Road

Windsor, North Carolina  27983

(252) 794-9173

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Our 2020 Theme for

Indian Woods Missionary Baptist Church


Bertie County

Bertie County is one of the largest counties in North Carolina, spanning 741 square miles. It was originally part of Albemarle County, established in 1660. In 1670, Chowan County, including Bertie Precinct, was cut from Albemarle County. Bertie Precinct was finally given status of county in 1722 when it separated from Chowan County. Initially, Bertie County was comprised of present Bertie County, Tyrrell County, Edgecombe County, Northampton County and Hertford County. By 1780, Bertie County had been divided to resemble its current shape.


Bertie County was named for James and Henry Bertie, who had purchased land from the original Lord Proprietors. Bertie County's county seat is Windsor, which was established in 1766 and was made county seat in 1774. The County includes the eight incorporated townships of Askewville, Aulander, Colerain, Kelford, Lewiston-Woodville, Powellsville, Roxobel and Windsor. 




Alexander Smallwood (Brian Center)

Merrion Howell

Deacon Gwen Rascoe (Laurel, MD)

Geneva Steed

Sherice Finch

James Cherry

Bobby Collins

Fannie Outlaw

Garland Outlaw

Ella Grant-Speller

Kelvin Speller

Clara Cooper

Vicky Cottman

John Craig

Millicent Creekmore

Rosanna Freeman

Les Gilliam

Mona West

Terrell Hooper

Clarence Joyner

Jean McKenzie

Mary C. Joyner

Ellen Wiggins

Sarah M. Rascoe

Luther Lee Williams

Marisa White

Rhonda Scott

Robert T. Smallwood

Tillie Sonera

Rosalind Bond

Deacon Pennie Bond

Camillia Gilliam

Lachone Holley

Doris Peele

Joie & Jakub Sharpe

Betty Sue Parker

Jennie Cooper

"A New Vision"

"Where there is no VISION, the people perish......"

Proverbs 29:18 KJV

Weekly Virtual Bible Study


Bible Study on Wednesday Night at 7:00 PM via Zoom.


Logon Infor as follows:

Meeting ID - 878 1935 5793

Password - 955821


COVID - 19
The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic on March 11, 2020. North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper issued an Executive Order that mandates mass gatherings of no more than 50.  All public facilities, except essential services, will be shut down until further notice. 

 All activities will be put on hold until further notice.  In addition, you may view the services on Sunday Morning via Drive-in (Parking Lot)  Services when announced, Facebook Live, or You Tube.  Please  Join us and encourage others to do so as well. 


Presently, Bertie County has 608 confirmed cases of the disease with 11 deaths reported. North Carolina has 212,909 cases with 3,575 deaths as of October 1, 2020.  It is updated daily at


Click the LIVE LINK above to check from time to time.  IT'S PRAYING TIME.  Use common sense percautions...continue to wear masks, social distance, and stay in as possible.  Remember to CHOOSE Faith over Fear.

252 794-9173

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Indian Woods Missionary Baptist Church

2330 Indian Woods Road

Windsor, North Carolina  27983

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