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(James 1:1)

"What We Should Be Mindful of in the New Year"

Due to Inclement Weather, we did not have Sunday Service

on January 7, 2018. BUT, we still got a WORD. 

Here it is........ Click on link above, and ENJOY.



              3,304 Views and Counting...... (Two years later,

The Word is still making an impact)



Click either  of the  Social Media icons at the top and enjoy  samples of the taped Sermon. Then call the Media/Music Department and order the complete Sermon. Also click below for Snippets.


Rico Anthony - 252 794-9173 Ext. 3

Moving Forward

Exodus 14:15

Do Something

2 Kings 7:3-4

It Was Necessary

Psalms 119:71

Our Music/Media Department has complete Sermons for every  Sunday. You can hear sample snippets by clicking on the Titles in RED. If interested in purchasing a particular sermon, contact Rico Anthony, Music Director, at 252 794-9173  Ext. 3 and leave a message letting him know which Title you would like. 

Please be sure to leave your name and contact information. 

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